●[Group placement function]
Parts’ grouping allows super easy relocation!
● [Introduction of dimensional line function]
Only need to insert the figures and parts data would be relocated automatically
●[Auto filled-in function]
Together with the shifting of data, filled-up pattern would be edited automatically.

●[Standard shortcut]
Operational with WINDOW standard shortcut !
●[Terminology / signage]
Not using any terminology making it easy for beginners too!
●[Standard library/Editor]
Easy to create a new data, as well as to edit a data!

●Shockingly good price compared to the conventional CAD
●Limited time offer: Limited functions edition is now available for free download!

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Play with expanding

Make Super! High efficiency & High speed design possible with Four functions
Relocating parts
By shifting moving it
in groups, it makes
relocating much more easier! ※

For more information:product features※Automatic grouping by using esCAD sch (free of charge)

Connector placement
Shift the parts only by
changing the dimension values
makes placement much easier!

For more information:product features
Pad on grid function
Wire from pad
with straight lines
at any locations.

For more information:product features
Auto filled-in function
Shift the parts and
filled-in pattern would be
edited automatically.

For more information:product features
Free download campaign only for now!